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After releasing several Android tablet, a local vendor released a sequel of Tabulet Tabulet Beat, the Beat Tabulet 2. But unlike the first Beat is a portable multimedia player (PMP) with a small screen, Tabulet Beat 2 is a full Android tablet with a 7 inch screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Do not forget the factor of multimedia, Tabulet Beat 2 can play video files in many formats. It required a capable hardware, this tablet has a single core ARM Cortex A9 with 800MHz clock but has only 512MB RAM and GPU Mali 400 (same as the GPU Samsung Galaxy S II). Priced in the range of Rp. 1.5 million, will Tabulet Beat 2 satisfy multimedia fans with affordable budget?

Sales Package

- Micro USB data cable
- Cable USB On the Go
- Charger
- Standard headset
- Warranty card
- Manuals

Design and Body

The design of the Beat Beat 2 is very similar to 1, with white and glossy plastic material. Tabulet logo on the back of the landscape seems to have a meaningful primary use of this tablet is the landscape. But that is quite difficult is the position of the screen and the bezel (frame) is not flat; position of the screen is slightly down. Difficult if you want to touch the edge of the screen because there is a gap between the screen and bezel.

The front than 7-inch screen there is a VGA camera. Then at the bottom there is an infrared port for remote control of this tablet when playing multimedia files, but unfortunately the remote control is not in the sales package. The top there are volume buttons, menu and back buttons, as well as the power / lock.

On the right side Tabulet Beat 2 crammed a wide range of ports, there is a micro SD slot, 3.5 mm audio jack, HDMI port and Micro USB port. Alone while the charger port on the right. In the back on either side of a jagged dotted material while the middle plain. Unfortunately the tablet loudspeaker is located on the right course, not left and right so it does not give effect to stereo when playing a song or video.


Beat 2 Tabulet using 7-inch LCD screen resolution of 1024x600 pixels. Good enough compared to the tablet at the same price range that uses a resolution of 800x480 pixels. Level of contrast, brightness is pretty good angle when the tablet is positioned perpendicular to the eye, but decreases with increasing angle of tilt, although still classified as not interfere with use. In case of death, purple screen as negative film, it looks like this is an anti-glare Tabulet mentioned. However, despite using anti-glare coating, fingerprints remain attached with ease. What is certain to play HD video of this screen are quite good and sharpness was pretty screen.
reviews Tabulet Beat 2


Beat Tabulet already using the latest operating system 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich. Such as tablets in its class, practically inter-face is really innate Google stock. Starting from the letters, icons, the display screen of death notification to the effect when the lock screen tablet. Lock screen itself has a shortcut access directly to the camera. Lock screen can be replaced, you can use a protection slide, pattern, PINs and passwords. Unlock Face is not available in this tablet. To other settings only letter size only.

Homescreen consists of multiple home screens are arranged horizontally, you can do the replacement wallpaper, add widgets but its location on the main menu and move it to the homescreen the same way by moving the application icon to the homescreen, the drag and drop. Google Search widget in the top left of the screen. At the very bottom of the screen icons present three physical buttons that substitute for Back, Home and Task Switcher (which is useful for switching applications and can close the application by sliding laterally).

As with other tablets, the notification bar is located at the bottom right. On this tablet is displayed is the time, WiFi signal, battery indicator and settings. While the main menu consists of two categories, Apps and Widgets to the arrangement of 6x4 icons and arranged alphabetically.

1 Tabulet Beat 2

Input Text

For the keyboard and input method which used only Google Android voice and keyboard typing with features like auto capitalization, vibrate, sound, popup, show key setting, auto correct, suggestion.

As the tablet Android Google Mail service must be kept. Tabulet Beat 2 is using Gmail version 4.0.1 with default settings that are quite complete and display that resembles a desktop version for a better use of email.
2 Tabulet Beat 2

Instant Messaging

To chat in default there are two applications that have installed the Google + Messenger and Google Talk. There is still an option to install apps from Google Play the Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Line and others.


Pinned the only resolution 2MP camera and VGA camera on the Beat 2 does not seem to be a major weapon of this 7-inch tablet. Only the standard features such as white balance, exposure levels, and an option to save the location of the photo. Just use any standard, a picture with the portrait on the screen, without any touch to focus. Beat 2 is a camera on a fixed manifold, so there's no autofocus or macro mode feature. Panorama mode is present here, but is stored for a long time, while the use itself is quite easy.
Lighting conditions the camera results in a fairly good result, with characteristics somewhat purplish. Which was quite lacking was the sharpness of the image, it is only 2 MP, but it should be even better. Although it may be because this is a tablet, especially the price at entry level segment.

Video Recorder
Features include: White Balance, Time Lapse, and Store Location.

Photo Gallery

Gaeri images using a simple black background. Photos can be your rotation, in-crop and used as wallpaper. Can also be shared via Google + and Gmail as well as social networks that you installed. Photos can be seen the details (metadata). There is a simple photo editing features and special effects are quite interesting.

Video Player

Here it is the superior features of Tabulet Beat 2. ICS tablet Tabulet complement this with a lot of codecs for video, so you need not bother to convert the video into the desired format your device. Of the format. Mp4,. Mkv,. Avi,. Mov to 1080p resolution can be read smoothly. Subtitle with additional files. Srt can be displayed, but for the subtitle that it's too direct embedd the video file does not appear, but can be tricked by using third-party video player application. When playing the video there are a variety of settings such as the Resume Mode, audio track selection, subtitle settings, display mode, brightness and see the video details.

3 Tabulet Beat 2

Video player is a congenital weakness of this application does not automatically read the entire video file on the tablet, but you should first explore the file explorer, so it is not practical. Using the loudspeaker sound output is also common, although less strong but stereo sensation is not felt because the left-right position. But there are still other advantages to the HDMI for video output to a larger screen and video playback capability from USB-connected devices on the go like a flash or hard drive.

Music Players

Contrary to the video player is given the abundant features, music player Tabulet Beat 2 is standard. Equalizer and the sound effects feature is not available. Only music files are divided into categories such as Artist, Albums, Songs, Playlists, and Now Playing alone. There are only a shuffle setting.


Although the tablet is a tablet WiFi only, via the USB on the go you can use a GSM 3G network connection by plugging a 3G modem. In addition to WiFi, Tabulet Beat 2 is equipped with infrared and HDMI port.

Web browser

Browser on the Beat 2 is capable of opening the tab up to 16 pieces. Mediocre performance, in the opening filled with a lot of content sites like TeknoUp, loading Home for a long time and when it was open all the lag that occurs there. Pinch and zoom can be done.
When playing Youtube videos somewhat less good. Video appears to lag badly and broken. Though the video is playing only 360p resolution video. Any other applications running in the background has been in-stop through the Task Switcher. For the other settings as usual there is Incognito, and the option to ask for desktop sites on mobile sites, as well as setting history, cookies, javascript, accessibility and others.

Third-Party Applications

When trying to play heavy games such Pro Evolution Soccer 2012, a tablet with Mali 400 GPU is playing well and smooth without any obstacles. Similarly, other games like Angry Birds, Wowfish HD and Grave Defense.

Benchmarking Results

Multitouch Tester: a maximum of 2 touches

Neocore 3D: 39.4 frames per second

Quadrant Standard: 904 points

Antutu: 3793 points

Battery Life

Using a battery of 3500mAh, the performance is less good. On several occasions the battery indicator is the percentage decline was fairly rapid. For example, the battery shows 40 percent, and used to play the video for a few minutes before I know it 30 percent. Moreover, the charging time is also long enough, in light conditions, charging the battery for almost 2 hours was 50 percent (from empty).


With the price of Rp. 1.5 million, Tabulet Beat 2 offers multimedia capabilities (especially the video player) is very competitive even compared to the video player on your Samsung Android upscale in terms of codec that can be read. Performance in the heavyweight game is also pretty good. But the downside is the battery which is quite wasteful and slow Web browser performance.


Video player compatible with many formats
1024x600 pixels screen
HDMI port
USB On the Go


Wasteful batteries
web browser is slow performance
charger can not use USB micro type

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